Sophie's Kitchen Expands Vegan/Gluten Free "Seafood" Line

I have been recieving a lot of questions as of late on good vegan seafood options. 

And, while I realize that there are the "faux shrimp" options in conventional grocery stores, there is one brand that stands out to me in the faux seafood industry that is both healthy, vegan, and natural. 

Sophie's Kitchen. 

Sophie's Kitchen is a brand of vegan mock seafood that I originally found while doing my usual perusal through Whole Foods in Santa Cruz, CA. My husband and I really cross examined this because we had never seen anything like it. 

In fact, what intrigued us was at that time we were seeking to cut back our soy consumption along with the gluten free thing, and the Sophie's Kitchen prawns and shrimp were the perfect option to make quality Asian food that was gluten free, soy free, meat free, GMO free, and healthy.

Upon opening the frozen pack, the shrimp and prawns looked fairly identical to the real thing. It did not have a taste though that was profound so we realized we would have to cook them and add some flavoring. 

Turns out, they were an excellent alternative! 

I did not personally take pictures of this item yet that I could post, so I found another blog that had pictures that really show the texture of the product and how it can be used. 
They are from Veggie 101:

We have since been a fan of Sophie's Kitchen products, and are very pleased to announce that they have expaned their gluten free options (Yay!)

I have added a picture above from the Sophie's Kitchen website and have circled the gluten free options that they currently have available. 

So far the products they have available in gluten free (if the picture isn't clear enough) are:
  • Gluten Free Vegan Crab Cakes
  • Gluten Free Vegan Breaded Scallops
  • Gluten Free Vegan Prawns
  • Gluten Free Vegan Shrimp
Please click here to go to my resources section for a link to the Sophie's Kitchen website for additional information.

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