Interviewing Bella with Delight Gluten Free Magazine

I have always been a magazine girl...I mean a physical paper bound copy - magazine girl (I could hear my husband now in his lovely voice... "Bella! Use your iPad!" .... I know, I know! He would sound sort of like this guy on this foreign iPad vs. Paper commercial.

Okay, I have digressed.

I can say though, that I love e-magazines from the app store too.

One magazine that is particularly colorful, modern, and full of great info is the Delight Gluten Free Magazine. Heath, Celiac Disease, Recipes, New Products - they talk about it all.

I was recently invited to do an interview with the Delight Gluten Free Magazine and I wanted to share it with you all. You may view it on Delight Gluten Free Magazine's website.

You will love their website.

They even featured my Gluten Free Vegan Italian Polenta Pizza - yum!

So head on over, and read the entire interview!

A partial copy of the transcript below...

What is the inspiration for your blog? 

The inspiration for my blog is and was my best friend - my husband. He became disturbingly sick in 2010. This led to countless hours of in-depth research, and a massive kitchen overhaul, once we understood what a gluten intolerance was. We both love to cook so it was initially a hard pill to swallow. It is tough realizing that 90% of the stuff you love the most is gone for good, but we pulled together (like we always do), and since have made some of the best food on the planet, in my opinion. He is my cooking inspiration, and my health inspiration.

Why did you decide to start blogging? 

I decided to start blogging because I was passionate about health and wanted to share my journey with the world. I knew that I could never travel all of the places that my blog could go at one time. No plane in this world could put me in someones kitchen in South Africa, or Hong Kong. So that was my drive. I wanted to share the knowledge that was given to me with others whom I could never come in contact with. Everyone deserves good food - wherever they are from.

Wanna read the rest?

Visit this link ---> Delight Gluten Free Magazine <--- 
You can even subscribe to their magazine.

Did I tell you that I love magazines? (okay, I think I did already...)

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