Thai Tom Kha Soup

I would love to share with you this Tom Kha recipe that I found on For the Love of Food. I love this soup, how did Sonnet know? It is my favorite soup because it has my most favored ingredients.

It's a perfect medley of coconut, lemongrass, lime, and spice that I absolutely can't get enough of - not to mention the aroma - ah-mazing!

I know for sure that you will like this!

It is light on the system. Refreshing to the taste buds (that's lemon grass and lime for you!). And it is just all around full of delicious, healthy ingredients (yes, coconut is a healthy fat!).

What does it take? Not a lot of ingredients for an amazing soup!

You will need:
lemon grass
vegetable broth
coconut milk
yellow onion
serrano chilies
firm tofu
broccoli florets
bell pepper
cilantro for garnish

For the exact recipe and instructions on how to make this Thai soup, click here.

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