Pineapple Ginger Green Smoothie

pineapple ginger green smoothie

At this time of year I am always faced with a dilemma…

It is getting cold!


Too cold for smoothies {it seems some mornings}.

Nevertheless, this is also just the perfect time for adding anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting ingredients like ginger to your cold morning or afternoon menu.

So when it’s cold, you still want an excuse to drink smoothies, and you want to feel like you sipping a smooth treat in a tropical region somewhere, what do you do?

I thought, why not have a pineapple ginger green smoothie.

Pineapple for tropical, and ginger for spicy, healthy niceness!

Turns out, it was tropical, it was ginger spiced, it was just perfect for what I needed!

Also, as a side note, this recipe tastes good with and without the baby spinach, so I hope you will give that a try too!


1/2 cup of almond-coconut milk
1/3 cup cold water
2 cups of baby spinach
2 ripe bananas
2 cups of frozen pineapple chunks
½ - 1 tbsp fresh grated ginger (start with ½, and add more to taste)
1 tbsp milled flax


Place all ingredients as listed into your blender, and blend until smooth (it’s a smoothie right?)!



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